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JX Bell, President and CEO
(415) 462-0558

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work as a Senior API Technical Writer:
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JX Consulting INC provides professional services such as technical writing, API design consulting, software analysis, programming, graphic design, and other communication services.

JX Consulting INC is a full California Subchapter S Corporation. All contracts are Corp-to-Corp. Vendor certification is generally easy with this type of relationship, and even 1099 paperwork is not required (see here). The corporation has General Liability Insurance, pays the employee W-2 payroll, does IRS W-2 tax withholding through a professional payroll company, and handles employee benefits for our own W2 employees. This means that contracts with JX Consulting INC can be a simple hourly consulting agreement.

Looking for great client references?

  • "top-notch technical writer with a deep grasp of API design and software architecture"
  • "the most technical tech writer I've ever worked with in my career"
  • "the best out there for what he does: he's extremely technical and really good at communication"
  • "knows how to explain things well, which requires deep understanding of the tech but also how real people learn and communicate"
  • "valuable early project feedback that turns out to be important to our designs, and the company"
  • "one of the rare technical writers that I've met that actually could be a coder on many of the high-octane teams"
  • "good at understanding and empathizing with end-users of a design, and what their needs are"
  • "a valuable technical asset for any company"
  • "above and beyond expectations"
  • "a very proficient programmer with expertise in API design"
  • "makes an effort in meetings, both public and private, to listen carefully to what the current speaker is saying"
  • "technical expertise, good will, and cross-team coordination allows us to offer high quality documentation"

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Looking for experienced professionals?

You want someone who can learn quickly. You want someone who can communicate clearly and diplomatically. You want technical skills, writing skills, speaking skills, problem solving skills, and collaboration in a fast-paced environment. You want writers who understand how to write for potential translation. Our Senior Technical Consultant, JX Bell, has decades of experience in technical communication. He has written software virtually his entire life. He is passionate about learning complex topics, understanding people, and communicating clearly. Clients appreciate that he learns fast and explains well. He has a sharp eye for usable APIs and good system architecture.

Looking for diverse skills?

You want people who can communicate, solve problems, design, organize, code, manage projects, work in cross-functional groups, analyze processes, and write whatever you need. You might also want well-rounded people with diverse backgrounds, such as in graphic design, web design, music, photography, and visual arts. To make your project a success, contact JX Consulting INC.